The Threenager

Before I had children, everyone warned me about the terrible twos. “Watch out, when your child turns two, they become wild and uncontrollable.

Well I am here to tell you that everyone was wrong. Terrible twos are challenging, but they are nowhere near as hard to deal with as three year olds.

Okay, I don’t mean all three year olds are a problem, but damn mine can be hard to deal with. I guess that’s the beauty of parenting, you take the good, the bad and the tantrums.

So my daughter is now actually almost four, no matter what I tell her to do she point blank refuses to. For example, I could tell her to put her pants on, she will insist that she is absolutely not under any circumstances wearing those pants because they are blue. “I want pink pants” she will shout. I explain to her that there are no clean pink pants, I open the drawers to show her that they do not contain pink pants but she doesn’t care, she still wants those pink pants that don’t exist.

When I carry on on trying to get her dressed, she will always run away from me, saying that, she always runs away from me when I ask her to do anything she deems unnecessary. In fact, running away from me seems to be her favourite activity. Cardio workout..?

The thing about threenagers is the unpredictability of their behaviour. 0-100 mph as you watch your child change from the peaceful, caring delight into a devil who has no control without explanation.

I sometimes ask myself, is she just challenging me? Maybe I’m a sh***y parent? But no, it’s not just me, this is a world wide epidemic. Something happens to children when they turn three.

It’s not always bad, Krystabelle can also be very loving and she is always full of life.

She wakes up every single day with a gigantic smile ready to start the day. “Good morning Mummy” I have to admit it makes waking up easier on me too, my heart warms as I hear the pitter patter of her feet on the landing, running to my room calling out to let me know she’s on the way. I wish I could bottle up that spirit, that energy and drink a little bit for myself.

Three year olds sees each day for what it is, a gift. Each day is a new beginning and the possibilities are endless.

Wether Krystabelle is on her best behaviour or her worst. I love her either way, and will cherich every moment. I will hug her and let her know I’ll alwyas be here for her. Wether she’s three or thirty.



  1. Sammie
    September 24, 2018 / 2:43 pm

    Seeing each day as a gift is a beautiful outlook on life, if only more people saw life this way. We have many things to learn from children… even the threenagers ❤️ Great blog!

    • crazytots2018
      September 24, 2018 / 2:45 pm

      Thank you 😊❤️ that really means a lot xx

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