Teddy’s 18 month update

So here goes.. A first update and hopefully many more to come.

I can’t quite believe that Teddy turned eighteen months old on the 22nd, it only seems like yesterday when he was born. 1.5! Is it possible that my baby is closer to two than he is to one? He’s not really a baby anymore, he’s now a toddler, I am simply just not ready for him to grow up.

He has the happiest personality which beams through every day, and is only really grumpy when he’s after something and I simply can’t understand what he wants although he tries his hardest to get his words out.

Teddy absolutely loves his nursery rhymes, he would rather sit listening to me sing nursery rhymes to him than play with all his toys. His favourite is ‘Wind the bobbin up’ which has been his favourite since I can remember. He also loves any nursery rhyme that involves clapping his hands.

He still isn’t walking yet but I’m not too worried about that, I was eighteen months old when I started walking and I’ve spoke to a lot of parents who their child didn’t walk until eighteen months old either, but the normal walking age is between nine and eighteen months anyway. He’s pulling up and cruising around furniture and can also stand up on his own without having to hold anything. He has taken a couple of steps now and then but he seems to lack confidence. He’s very motivated and I can tell he just wants to be able to walk around but he needs to find the confidence in himself to be able to take those steps and keep doing so. I do believe that if I didn’t have such a large coffee table in the middle of my living room that he would probably be walking by now. There’s just too much furniture for him to hold on to and cruise around. I’m sure he’ll get there soon enough. As the saying goes ‘they’ll do it when they’re ready’ and I’m a firm believer in this. You should never try and force a child to do anything. Encouragement is all they need.

Teddy’s speech is getting much better and he can say quite a lot of words. My favourite is when he says “love you” my heart just melts! And nothing melts my heart more than when I hear you calling for me – Mama! That sweet angelic voice of yours (when it says Mama, I mean). I will never tire of you saying Mama to me. Never.

My goal this month now is to have Teddy walking by the time I write his nineteen month update. Lots of encouragement and lots of rewards. (I’m making him sound like a puppy).


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