The Quick Solution To Motherly Stress? Give yourself A Little Pamper Treatment At Home

The constant duties we have as parents, from preparing every single meal to the stressful family days out can wear us down. Of course, we love doing this and we love looking after our kids and family, but we need a little time to ourselves now and again. But the big problem is that there’s not much time to ourselves these days, what with life being so busy. So what is the quick solution? Giving yourself that little opportunity to have a pamper treatment at home. A little pamper treatment gives us the chance to rest and recuperate, so we can tackle everything that comes our way. So what’s the best way to recapture the spa experience at home?

Choose The Right Ambience

It doesn’t particularly feel like a nice spa day if you relax in a bedroom top to toe in junk. Instead, your best option is to choose the bathroom, because at least, you can pull everything out of there, and just have the bare essentials. Light some candles, so you can have a nice smell wafting around the room, and to add a little extra to that sensation, get some hotel quality bath robes, so you can feel nice and comforted. And don’t forget the importance of background music. If your soundtrack to the day is usually thundering footsteps and children screaming, replace this with some relaxing music. It doesn’t have to be a Buddhist mixtape of chantings, just something that calms you down.

Unwinding Before The Experience

Before stepping into your relaxation station, remember to take the opportunity to unwind. If you’ve been to a professional spa before, you know how long it takes you to eventually settle into it, by which point it’s too late for you to gain the overall benefits. So, indulging in some herbal teas, or just taking a long, relaxing bath can give you that chance to relax your muscles so you can get the most out of it.

Choosing Your Treatments

What do you think you’ll benefit from the most? Could it be a face mask, steaming your pores, or even a reflexology massage? Now, you might think that a reflexology massage isn’t possible, because you’re not a masseuse, but you are able to give yourself a reflexology massage so you can feel loose and tingly in the body.


You’ve indulged, now it’s time for you to reap the benefits. But, rather than just going back into mother mode, give yourself that opportunity to enjoy the silence. And in addition to this, be sure to give your insights the care and attention that you just giving your outsides. Don’t eat a heavy meal at this point, because you’ve worked so hard at detoxifying; instead, focus on something nice and light, and keep yourself adequately hydrated throughout the day. Now all you have to do is have this on a regular basis, and you will begin to feel that tension melt away. It’s essential for us to indulge ourselves now and again, but we feel we haven’t got the opportunities to do so. So go on, give yourself a little pamper treatment!

*This is a collaborative post


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