Fuzzkins Cozy Cats Review

As a lover of cats and all things crafty, Krystabelle was one very excited little girl when we were kindly gifted Fuzzkins Cozy Cats set to review.

The set contains three plain white cats, which Krystabelle decided to call ‘Daddy cat, mummy cat and Krystabelle cat’, three felt bedding sets which you can make up and put your cats to bed, decoration bits to put on the beds and three felt tip pens to colour in your cats to whatever colour / design your heart desires. The set also contains a picture so you can practice your colouring beforehand.

Krystabelle couldn’t wait to get stuck in and start colouring in her cats.

Once her cats were all coloured in, it was time to get started on the beds, they were already put together and all Krystabelle needed to do was decorate them with the self adhesive felt fish and hearts decorations.

She then put the cats into their beds, the cat eye masks are an adorable addition to the set and Krystabelle got very excited when she saw what they were as she has recently developed an obsession with sleeping eye masks since she saw I had one.

The Cozy Cats set kept Krystabelle occupied for quite a while as she was role playing with the cats, pretending they could talk and saying they were having a kitty cat sleepover.

This set would make a perfect Christmas present for a cat lover and they also have a Dozy Dogs version too for all the puppy dog lovers.

What I loved the most about this set that it was completely mess free, no scissors or glue required and all the beds and decorations were in their own individual clear packets.

The set retails at £9.99 and you can purchase the set over at Interplay here. They also do a Dozy Dogs version for all those puppy dog lovers.

*We were kindly gifted this set to review but all thoughts are our own.


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