Spend More Time With Your Family This Year

The challenge with balancing a busy family life, career, spiritual practice, and active member of the community is that there are only so many hours in a day. The most significant challenge is that we all need money to live, and the way most people make money is to exchange their time for money in a rather linear way.

If you think about it, whether you are a brain surgeon or a cleaner – you are trading your time for money. Admittedly, the brain surgeon will tend to earn more than the cleaner, but they are both faced with the same dilemma; there are only so many hours in the day, and nobody wants to work all hours.

In fact, it’s a particular problem for working dad’s that desperately want to spend more time with their family, nurturing their kids, and being an active part of their children’s lives… which is why, in this article, we’re going to look at ways you can spend more time with your family this year by working smarter, rather than harder.

Have Money Work For You

In an ideal world, people wouldn’t have to work for money – they would have money work for them… meaning, they would become investors rather than workers. For instance, many people make a decent living from buying property and renting it out. It’s a simple business model with few overheads.

It might be worth looking into the viability of the financial aspects from property prices, mortgage rates, and the average cost of renters insurance as it could be a lot more realistic than you might think. Indeed, the idea of property investing tends to be a much more stable and steady way to invest rather than the twists and turns of the stock market… and remember, the more you have the more you are able to give – both in terms of money and time.

Work When You Work And Relax When You Relax

So many of us are so connected to our devices that we feel we are always on the go; for instance, rather than being able to settle down as a family and watch a film together, many people will have their mind on their work or the need to respond to social media.

Once upon a time, home time meant home time, whereas today, in the ‘always connected’ world we live in, we don’t have the same boundaries – therefore, make sure you work when you work and relax when you relax. This way, you will be much more present and productive in both aspects.

Work From Home

Subject to the above, many people are finding they are able to work more remotely today, with meetings becoming increasingly virtual in nature even busy executives are finding that they are able to work more flexible hours, from home, meaning you will have more time to spend with your family when it matters… such as catching the sports games and significant events in your child’s life.

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