My Fairy Garden Fairy Light Garden Playset Review

Krystabelle loves creative play and anything magical such as princesses, fairies and unicorns. She was over the moon when we were very kindly gifted the My Fairy Light Garden set to review.

With this ultimate Fairy Light Garden playset you can create a magical, illuminated home and garden for the fairies, Heather and Elvie, and of course their friends the baby unicorn and hedgehog to live.

The set comes with everything you need to create the garden, including grass seeds. The only thing you will need to purchase is the compost, luckily we already had some but compost can easily be bought at a garden centre or even your local supermarket.

Krystabelle’s face lit up our home when I asked her if she finally wanted to create her fairy garden home. She ran to fetch the box and the three little fairies that we were also very kindly gifted.

We opened up the box to find everything we needed inside, they were very well organised.

I had a quick look through the instruction booklet so I knew what we needed to do, and the first thing we needed to do was add compost to the the fairy garden bowl so Krystabelle went and fetched the compost bag and we both added the soil into the bowl together, patting and smoothing it down with a big spoon.

Secondly we need to assemble the fairy light up musical house and the raised decking, this was a little fiddly but nothing too hard.

Krystabelle then added the fenced area and pressed it down into the soil and then added some more soil to fill in the fence.

We then needed to assemble the bunting, I left Krystabelle playing with the fairies whilst I put the bunting together as this would have been a bit too fiddly for her to do on her own.

I think I added way too much bunting as was a little too long for the bowl when I placed the poles into the soil, so I took it back out and left it for the purpose of the photos as it wouldn’t have looked right. Maybe I should have left Krystabelle to assemble the bunting after all.

Lastly Krystabelle placed the decking into the bowl and positioned the fairy house on top. We then added all the finishing touches by planting the little flowers into the fenced area and made a little footpath for the fairies using the coloured gravel.

We have scattered the grass seeds all over and sprinkled over some fairy dust all over the garden to add some fairy magic. We cannot wait to see the grass growing. If you would like to see how the grass turns out, please follow our Instagram page where we’ll be updating our followers of the grass growth everyday for the next few days to see how it turns out.

The My fairy garden light up garden is aimed for children 4+ and I would highly recommend this to any parent for their child. It would also make the perfect birthday present. We had lots of fun and it kept Krystabelle entertained all evening.

My fairy garden light up garden can be purchased here.

*We were kindly gifted this playset to review but all thoughts are our own.



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