Subscription Sunday – Mud & Bloom

Krystabelle loves being outdoors and getting up close with nature. We’ve been finding this very hard lately as I have a very mild case of SPD which I’m struggling to walk for more than five to ten minutes, we have a back garden but it isn’t very child friendly at the moment although we did make a start on it last summer.

As you all know by now, Krystabelle also loves to get creative and do crafty things so we were thrilled when we were sent a Mud & Bloom subscription box to review. I’m a firm believer that children can learn a lot from the world around them.

*Mud & Bloom are monthly subscription boxes which include everything you need for four seasonal activities: gardening and nature crafts. They come with instructions, nature news and a quiz aimed at teaching children about the seasons, plants, insects, birds, soil and rainfall. Each activity have been created by qualified teachers and support the national curriculum with influence from Forest School, Steiner and Montessori education.

The boxes are designed for 3-8 year olds and start at only £7.95 per month including free delivery.

We received the January box, and Krystabelle couldn’t wait to get started. Inside the box were 5 instructions flyers plus the January quiz.

The box also contained everything we needed for the activities apart from an egg carton, oranges, peanut butter and pine cones which we needed to provide ourselves.

The first activity we decided to do was make our own decorated branch. As I’m currently unable to walk far, Krystabelle’s Dad took her for a walk around the park collecting branches whilst I waited in the car for them. She seemed to have so much fun doing this as I could see her happy little face from a far.

We headed home, and started decorating the branch, the wool, pipe cleaners, glue, pom poms and lolly sticks were all provided but Krystabelle also wanted to use some of her own pom poms that we have in our craft boxes.

Krystabelle firstly decided she wanted to paint her branch in different shades of pink, so I found her paint pallet and filled each compartment up with different pink coloured paint including some glitter paint.

She then started painting the branch using a paint brush and a sponge.

Once Krystabelle had finished painting, we then had to leave it dry for half an hour before she could finish decorating it.

Once dry,  we wrapped around the pipe cleaner and Krystabelle started adding glue onto each pom pom using a lolly stick before sticking them down onto her branch.

Krystabelle really enjoyed decorating her branch and was very happy with the finishing result. We now have the branch up on a shelf in our living room as an ornament.

The second activity we decided to do was grow our own mint and pansies. They are two separate activities but we decided to plant them together so we could use all four of our pellets at the same time rather than using them individually.

So firstly, we needed to fill up a bowl  with warm water and place the pellets into the bowl of water. They were then left for 10 – 15 minutes until they had completely expanded. Once they had finished expanding we tore the netting off each one and poured them into the hollows of the egg carton. For the mint we sprinkled the seeds over the top of the compost, but for the pansies we needed to plant the seeds around a quarter of an inch into the compost. Krystabelle then lightly watered the compost.

We then needed to label our mint and pansies by writing on a lolly stick, these were provided but Krystabelle of course wanted to use coloured lolly sticks that we already had in her craft box.

Overall, we absolutely loved the mud & bloom box and cannot wait to try out another box, we still have the bird feeder activity left to do, but think we may wait until Spring and hopefully we will have sorted out the garden by then. The boxes are extremely enjoyable, educational & provide plenty of reasons to get outdoors and explore all nature around us, I truly cannot recommend Mud & Bloom enough.


*We were kindly gifted the mud & bloom box to review, but all thoughts are our own.


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