Aqua Wipes Review

I’ve been changing nappies for the last four years now, but I must admit I’ve never really took into consideration what ingredients different brands of wet wipes contain. That’s when I discovered Aqua Wipes. Unlike all other baby wipes on the market, Aqua Wipes contain no chemical ingredients what so ever, just water (99.6%) and aloe vera extract, they contain zero plastic, tested by paediatricians and are used by the NHS. They are a great alternative to the water and cotton wool nappy changing method recommended for newborns as this method is just so time consuming and not easily done when out and about.

Aqua Wipes are also registered with the Vegan society which are great for vegans who find it hard to find vegan friendly baby wipes.

Behind The Brand

*Aqua Wipes was born after Founder, Dr Mark Little’s daughter was diagnosed with severe eczema. At the time, it was very difficult for them to find products that were entirely natural or had minimal chemicals, so as not to irritate the skin, they set about creating a baby wipe that was not only natural but kind to the most delicate of skin. Combining purified water with coconut cleansing agent and organic aloe vera extract, Aqua Wipes was born. You can read more about their story here

The wipes themselves feel really soft and moist, they are smooth and moisturising on the skin which make clean ups easy, comfortable, and quick. They are  also incredibly effective at cleaning up the many extreme messes that you encounter such as the mucky hands and faces after meal times.

Now onto pack size and pricing. Aqua Wipes are available in four different pack sizes.
64 pack retails at £2.89
4×64 pack retails at £10.99
12×12 pack retails at £11.99
12×64 pack retails at £28.99

Until the 19th of February, Aqua Wipes are currently on offer at Ocado offering huge savings!



*We were kindly gifted Aqua Wipes to review but all thoughts are our own.





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