Subscription Sunday – Craft + Crumb

If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen that we were very recently gifted Craft + Crumb baking subscription box to review.

When Krystabelle was two years old we used to attend toddler baking classes together. Having never been much of a baker myself, they were great for us, and it was a lovely bonding experience for us both too. Unfortunately the classes changed from a Monday morning to Friday morning which meant we could no longer attend as Krystabelle went to nursery on Fridays. Since we stopped going we hadn’t done much baking together at home.

When I discovered Craft + Crumb, I knew I had to get in touch, their kits sounded fabulous and definitely something both Krystabelle and I needed in our lives.

The kit arrived in the post, everything was neatly packaged inside the box and all we needed to supply was butter and eggs.

The kit we received was the fairy wand biscuit kit.

The kit included:

    Biscuit mix
    Sugar paste
    Star shape cutter
    Wand sticks
    Fairy dust sprinkles
    Icing pen

As well as all the ingredients, step by step photo instructions were also included to help us bake our biscuits. The instructions were definitely easy enough for an inexperienced baker like myself to follow.

Krystabelle started off by emptying the packet of biscuit mix into the mixing bowl, I added some butter and one small egg into the bowl and Krystabelle mixed it all together until it was all smooth.

Next we needed to knead the dough and wrap it in cling film to put into the refrigerator for half an hour. Krystabelle loved getting her hands stuck in for this part.

Once half an hour had passed we got the dough back out, unwrapped it and sprinkled some flour onto the table, Krystabelle then rolled her dough out using a rolling pin.

She then used her star shaped cutter to cut out some stars to place on the baking tray and added the wand sticks into the star cut dough before I put the tray into the oven to bake.

Krystabelle absolutely loved decorating her biscuits, I’ve never seen her so focused on anything before. The look of concentration on her face really made me laugh.

Once Krystabelle had finished decorating her wands she was one very proud and excited little girl. They looked fabulous, and she couldn’t help but pretend that she was my fairy godmother.

Craft + Crumb baking kits start at £9.99 for the biscuit kits and at £14.99 for the cake kits. They also make party bag kits which are a great alternative to standard party bags which lets be honest, end up in the rubbish bin once all the sweets have been eaten.

You can find Craft + Crumb baking kits here.

*We were very kindly gifted the craft + crumb kit to review, but all thoughts are our own.



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