Paultons Park – Review and First-timers guide to Peppa Pig World

Paultons Park is the UK’s Number 1 Amusement Park.

Home to Peppa Pig World, Paultons Park has been named the UK’s Number 1 amusement park for the third year running.

We were very lucky to be invited down to Paultons Park – Peppa Pig World last week and I must say, it really did live up to its expectations. If you’re looking for a great family day out in the UK, then here is a must on your bucket list.

We arrived at the park around 10:30am ( half an hour after opening time ) it was a beautiful day, the sun was shining and we were all in good spirits. From the moment we arrived there were people on hand guiding us to a car parking spot and escorting us to the entrance. From lockers to the toilets and the breastfeeding areas, the park really has taken into consideration every parent and child’s needs. Even the toilets had different sized seats for different sized bottoms.

As we approached the entrance to Peppa Pig World, we immediately heard the gentle ringing of the Peppa Pig theme tune in the background along with familiar characters and buildings. It really felt like we’d just walked onto the set of Peppa Pig.

Both Krystabelle and Teddy were in awe of everything around them. Everything was brightly coloured and the attention to detail of all the rides and characters was just incredible.

The rides at Peppa Pig world incorporated many characters from the tv show. Peppa’s big balloon ride, Grampy rabbits sailing club, Grandpa Pigs little train, George’s dinosaur adventure, Daddy pigs car ride and many more.

There are also many other places other than the rides to keep the children entertained, there’s an outdoor play area and a muddy puddles splash zone which unfortunately we didn’t get round to. You can even visit the duck pond with 3D quacking ducks floating around.

The first ride we went on was The Queen’s Flying Coach ride. The ride is at the back of the park, we thought it would be a good idea to start at the back and work ourselves to the front in hope of the rides being a bit more quiet. There was a 35 minutes wait for this ride but I honestly don’t think we waited that long, it went very quickly if we did. We hopped on to our carriage and were greeted by the sound of Peppa’s voice who guided us around the park. The Queens flying coach ride is a tree top monorail so it was the perfect first ride for seeing the views from all around Peppa Pig World to see what the park had to offer. Both Krystabelle and Teddy were so excited, so much so that Krystabelle couldn’t keep still, many times I had to ask her to sit back down.

We then headed over to Grampy rabbits sailing club. My husband and I thought it would be a good idea to take it in turns to go on the rides, although Hugo was able to ride on most rides too, he was fast asleep and we didn’t want to wake him up but it meant that one of us could stay behind and take lots of photos.

I waited around the park until I saw my husband and the children, they all looked like they were enjoying the ride. Grampy rabbits sailing club is a colourful spinning boat ride that cruises along a beautiful blue river at the base of the Queens Castle to discover Pirate island, it has the most mesmerising scenery all around. The queuing area takes you across a small bridge and down to where the boats arrive. Teddy loved waving at me from above and I could see the excitement in his face.

All the fun must have made us hungry as we then made our way to the Queens Kitchen for some lunch. My husband and I had a slice of delicious pizza and the children had a hot dog each. Minus Hugo of course.

After lunch we carried on wondering around the park when we saw George’s Dinosaur Adventure. Unfortunately Teddy was too small to ride on this, but it’s the only ride that had a height restriction.

Krystabelle didn’t meet the height restriction where she could ride alone so I got on with her and sat behind. Krystabelle loved this ride and was full of laughter as we were bobbing up and down all around the track.

When the ride came to a stop we then hopped off to go and find the others.

We slowly made our way all around the park and managed to ride on all the other rides. Windy Castle ride, Miss Rabbits Helicopter flight, Peppa Pigs balloon ride which was a firm favourite of Krystabelle and Teddy. Grandpa Pigs little train which we all rode on, and Daddy Pigs car ride.

Grandpa Pigs boat trip was another favourite of theirs, I could hear the laughter and could see the excitement in their faces, including my husbands who seemed to be having more fun than the children.

Although Peppa Pig World was the highlight for us, the rest of the park is definitely very preschool friendly and has a lot more to offer. There is literally something for everyone and so much to explore. The gardens in their location are simply beautiful and so creative. We absolutely loved our time at the park.

Paultons Park is easy to get to,  just off exit 2 of the M27, close to the edge of the New Forest National Park. There are several hotels nearby, we stayed at The Holiday inn.

The website also have short break deals where they offer 2nd day free for all their visitors.

Will you be visiting anytime soon?


*We were very kindly gifted complimentary tickets to the park, but all thoughts are our own.


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