4 Month Postpartum Hair Loss

Congratulations on your new sweet bundle of joy, now say goodbye to all your luxurious hair…

There are so many changes that us women experience after having a baby, especially our bodies. Everyone always talks about body confidence, learning to embrace the stretch marks and the Mum tum, but one thing you don’t hear much about is postpartum hair loss despite it being quite common.

Despite having two children before Hugo, one thing I’ve never experienced is postpartum hairloss, that was until recently.

I’ve had very thick hair my entire life, so you could only imagine the shock when I brushed it after taking a shower one day to find that it was coming out in big clumps and filling up my hairbrush ( yuck )

Luckily for me, it has been nothing extreme, more of an annoyance really, having to clean out my hairbrush and plug hole more often than I’ve previously had to.

Postpartum hairloss is inventible and some women have it a lot worse than others. But what actually causes you to lose your hair after you’ve had a baby?

Well during pregnancy your hormones change dramatically, you start to produce more estrogen which causes your hair to continue growing resulting in much thicker, luxurious hair. But after you’ve had your baby, your hormones then begin to level out causing your hair to fall out. As they say ‘all good things must come to an end’, and by that I mean all your beautiful new hair that you’ve grown.

As I’ve already mentioned, postpartum hairloss is inventible but there are definitely some things you can do to make it look thicker and fuller which can also promote a healthy growth.

1. Get a new hair cut: Getting your hair cut short always makes your hair appear thicker, also haircuts keep your ends healthy from split ends that cause tangling. It will reduce breakage and straining from brushing.

2. Get a new hairbrush: Its always best to use a wide tooth comb to brush your hair, using a detangling spray will also help before running the comb through your hair.

3. Use a volumising shampoo: Volumising shampoo will help make your hair appear fuller, bouncier and full of body.

4. Take some vitamins: One of the vitamins often linked to hair growth is biotin, which is part of the B-vitamin family. Another vitamin which is also good for hair growth is zinc.

5. Eat a healthy balanced diet: Even if you take your vitamins you should always eat a healthy balanced diet. Your body best absorbs nutrients through the foods that you eat. Try and include foods that are rich in vitamin C as Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps to produce and maintain healthy collagen levels within our hair follicles. Foods such as citrus fruits – oranges and grapefruit. Tropical fruits – mango and pineapple, and of course berries such as strawberries, raspberries and blueberries.

6. Avoid stress: Easier said than done but us mothers really should try and make some time for ourselves. Stress is often linked to hair loss and stress comes in many shapes and sizes.

7. Avoid washing your hair in hot water. Hot water allows your pores to open up whilst cold water closes them. Washing your hair in cold water will keep it smooth and healthy.

8. Avoid using heat: Using heat on your hair will dry your it out and cause it to fall out even more. It will leave your hair all brittle. If you do need to use a hairdryer, try using the cold setting and don’t forget to use some protection spray first.

9. Use hair oil: Just like our skin, we need oil for healthy, strong hair. Hair oil provides moisture which help keep the bonds strong.

10. Make a homemade hair mask using natural products: A hair mask can help repair and rejuvenate your hair but it’s always best to make a homemade hair mask. I recommend making one using egg, olive oil and coconut milk.

I hope you found this post helpful. If you suffer from postpartum hair loss, honestly there’s no need to panic, it should return back to normal by the time your child turns One. If it doesn’t, then consider going to see your doctor.

I’ve asked few bloggers who have suffered with postpartum hair loss how they felt / dealt with it and this is what they said:

Victoria over at https://thegrowingmum.com said – My front hairline went completely. It’s grown back fully in some places but not at the temples so I wear a scarf as a headband as they’re colourful or have it up so I can cover the patches.

Fran over at https://backwithabump.co.uk said – I always moult (much to my husband’s annoyance) but post natal it got even worse. Luckily it wasn’t too visible but I had so much new growth and silly wispy bits for ages after…as well as having to empty the shower trap everyday!

Rachel over at https://rachelbustin.com said – I’ve always had super thick hair so felt I could lose some of it without it being noticed. With both my pregnancy’s at around 3 months postpartum I started losing handfuls everyday. My husband was always joking about it saying he could make a wig from it! Although the hoover didn’t like it very much!  

Emma over at https://emmareed.net said – I spoke to my hairdresser who recommended a strengthening shampoo and regular visits to her to keep it in good condition whilst it sorted itself out.

Catherine over at https://passportsandadventures.com said – 5 years on it still hasn’t sorted itself out. My hair used to be so thick but it’s painfully thin now and I still lose what seems like a crazy amount in the shower. The wisps at the front haven’t grown fully and I’ve even been advised not to wash it more than once a week, which I just can’t do.

Kristine over at www.kristinesblog.com said – I lost after both pregnancies. 1 month postpartum started both times and took good 9 months to grow back. My front left side was completely gone and it was very embarrassing. With the second baby was a little better, not sure if it’s because I was breastfeeding.

Veronica over at www.myparentingjourney.com said – I was breastfeeding my children until they were 3. I experienced mine falling out for the longest time. I bought an aloe vera plant and applied its juices on my scalp. I also avoided shampooing every day.

Helen over at www.twinstantrumsandcoldcoffee.com said – I lost a fair bit after having my first, but then I had twins and it was coming out in handfuls every time I washed it. That was two years ago and it still falls out when I wash it, luckily not as badly. My husband is fed up with it being all over the house even though I try to keep it tied up! 


Reading all of these comments just goes to show how postpartum effects us women in different ways.




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