How to Improve a bad Mum day


Do you ever have a bad Mum day?

I’m sure all you Mamas have a bad Mum day from time to time, it’s completely normal. I’m not one to normally share negativity all over social media and my blog but I feel compelled to write this post.

I probably have some sort of bad Mum day at least once a month, if not once a week.

Last week I let Teddy have nappy free time as we’re currently Potty training, I popped to the bathroom very quickly because us Mamas need to pee too you know, only to come back to Hugo sitting on the floor with a lump of poo in his hands with a bit smothered around his mouth.

Teddy had only pooed over my carpet instead of in his Potty. This happened within the space of two minutes (yes that’s a 120 seconds).

I quickly binned the lump of poo, wiped Hugo’s hands and face, wiped Teddy’s bum, grabbed Hugo and washed him down in the bathtub as quickly as I could, my heart was beating so fast by this point.

Hugo screamed the whole time, he wasn’t happy that I’d deprived him of that lump of poo, did it taste nice I wonder?

I wish I could pretend that such a morning was a freakish one off event but unfortunately that would be a lie. It certainly wasn’t the first time something like this has happened and I doubt it will be the last.

When the thought of it’s turning out to be a bad day pops into my head, I try and remind myself that there are no bad days, and that every day has it’s challenges.

It’s my responsibility to do something to turn the day around when it feels as though things are really falling apart.

Here are five ways on how I try and improve a bad mum day:

  1. Shake it off – Put on your favourite upbeat song or play list, have the volume on high, and get your groove on! Let the music melt your bad mood away, dancing and singing at the top of my voice has always lifted my mood. It really is an instant mood booster.
  2. Get outside – Staying indoors all day can make anyone go insane, going outside and getting some fresh air can instantly make you feel better, even better you’ll even get your daily dose of Vitamin D.
  3. Practice Deep breathing – Practicing deep breathing can really help calm you down, it’s also known to relieve stress and anxiety.
  4. Create a gratitude list – instead of focusing on the things that are bringing you down, write a list of everything you have to be thankful for and that are going well in your life.
  5. Stop taking yourself too seriously – Being able to find amusement in life’s twist and turns helps you put things into perspective. If you don’t laugh, you’ll cry.


I asked a handful of bloggers what they do to improve a bad mum day and here’s what they said:

Vicky over at Blossom Education said – We all have days where we feel like we are failing at motherhood. It’s absolutely normal, but doesn’t make us feel any better about the situation.

To perk me up again, I love to look through photos of the children and reminisce about times when things when right, but also when things went wrong and how the world kept turning and we laugh about it now.

Sometimes though, I just have to get out of the house and away from all the stress. Running can really help. It gives me time to be in my own little world. Endorphins are always fantastic – natural mood-boosters.

Sian over at Quite Frankly She Said, said – Talk to a friend, someone who’s a good listener, and you’ll realise you’re not alone in having days like these.

Jennifer over at Ricecakes and Raisins said – I try and do a bit of yoga once the boys are asleep. I always feel refreshed afterwards.

Lianne over at Life With Lianne said – Go buy some nice bubble bath, wine and a posh box chocs you can enjoy when kids go to bed after that day.

Beth over at Life As Mum said – When the kids are in bed, I’ll go make a coffee, get a small snack and then go to bed. Will put a sidelight on and just chill either reading a book or go on youtube.

Lisa over at Baby Not Included saidWe’re having quite a few ‘bad mum’ days with our 9yo who keeps having these awful outbursts of anger so recently I’ve become ‘shouty mum’ which I hate. On days like this I run her a bath with bath bomb and bubbles. It’s a great way to calm the situation.

Ross over at Isablog said – As a dad, I try to remind myself that having a bad mum day just means I’m in touch with my feminine side and embrace it.

Shel over at The Willow Tree said – Definitely sharing how I feel with others makes me feel less alone in how I am thinking and feeling. This helps massively and also is a great support that I receive and also offer at the same time.



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