10 things only a parent would say

There are so many wonderful things about being a parent. It’s so rewarding to watch your child grow into a little tiny human. They can bring the most frustration yet the biggest laughs, as they come out with the funniest of things.

It can be such a roller coaster of emotions, from ultimate contentment one second to wanting to pull your hair out the next.

But as a parent, I can’t believe half the stuff that comes out of my mouth either, if you heard half the things I say to my children out of context you’d probably think I’m crazy.

Some phrases just seem to form part of the everyday life of being a parent, sometimes it’s the only logic thing to say at that moment.

So here are 10 of the strangest things I have ever said to my children.

Warning! If you are not a parent (or deal with children on a daily basis) this might seem too awkward or too strange…

  1. You’re so lucky you’re beautiful!
  2. Sorry, but daddy can’t marry you. He is already married to me!
  3. Eat all your vegetables, you’ll turn into a princess!
  4. That’s not food. Did you actually eat that?
  5. Stop trying to brush the dolls hair with your toothbrush!
  6. You’re not the boss of me, I’m your mother not the other way around!
  7. You’re Just Like Your Father!
  8. If you take your seat belt off, the police will take you to jail!
  9. Stop licking my face!
  10. If you keep making that face, it’ll freeze that way!

I couldn’t just stop there. I asked a few parent bloggers if they wanted to share any strange phrases that they’ve said to their children, and a lot of these really made me laugh out loud. They are hilarious!

Lisa – Get the fork out of your butt!

Victoria – No, mummy doesn’t have a willy!

Jennifer – Jeremy Corbyn’s head is an outdoor toy!

Laura – Sorry you can’t brush your hair with the toilet brush!

Rachel – I don’t think the dog should be wearing Ariel the Little Mermaid’s wig!

Shel – Did you just wee on your sister?!

Nita – No, food will not appear in the toilet if you eat poo!

Elaine – Take your willy off your sisters head!

Jude – Please don’t balance the bath toys on your willy, darling!What’s the funniest thing you have said as a parent?



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