Hugo’s 11 Month Baby Milestones Update

Oh, Hugo, yesterday you reached the ripe old age of 11 months. It’s crazy just how quickly you seem to be growing up and hitting new milestones everyday. In less than 1 month we’ll be celebrating your 1st birthday.

11 months is such a great age, its surreal to see all that Hugo is aware of now, he knows our routine, he is aware of his environment and all that’s going on, he knows when I’m trying to get him to laugh, he knows all the songs we sing together and even tries to sing along.

As he edges closer to being a one year old little boy, there is a definite cheeky side beginning to emerge!


It’s crazy to think how many new milestones Hugo has hit over the last few weeks, he’s standing more regularly and if he drops something, he’ll try to bend over to get it but only if you’re sitting or standing beside him, he wants to hold your hand to try and turn away from the furniture entirely.

I think in his mind he’s ready to walk but just can’t quite figure it out yet, he has a push along walker but he doesn’t know how to put one foot in front of the other.

I am so curious to see whether his first steps will happen this coming month or not.

The other major change this last month has been his interactions with us, he leans in for kisses and shouts kiss, will slap your hand if you ask for a high five and loves to play catch with one of the balls from the ball pit.

Only yesterday did Hugo start counting to three on his own, his numbers aren’t clear as day but I can definitely understand him, he seems so proud of himself too.


As far as food goes, he is an eating machine most days, except he doesn’t seem to like any fruits at all but will eat all his vegetables.

His favourite food is pasta, he seems to prefer any pasta dishes we serve him over anything else, his favourite pasta dish that I’ve noticed is Cajun chicken and prawn pasta or pasta carbonara.


Sleeping wise he’s a lot better, for around 6 months I used to survive on 40 minutes sleep per night, I used to try sleep music and everything but he would only sleep on the breast and co sleeping was just too uncomfortable for me.

From around 6 months, he started to settle better after a night feed and I would get a couple of hours sleep before he would wake, but now he only seems to be waking once or twice during the night.

I just can’t seem to get over that Hugo is now only a month away from being a whole year old, I just can’t believe it and don’t want to believe it. This year has gone by so quickly and has been a whirlwind of emotions to say the least.Party planning is underway now, although I’m not quite sure on the theme just yet! It’s a choice between Mickey Mouse and Baby Shark!img_2344-3-11775429170376684332.jpg