Pancake Day Tuff Tray Activity

Tuff tray activities are always good fun and Krystabelle, Teddy and Hugo all love engaging in sensory, messy and themed tuff tray activities.The pancake day themed tuft tray included flour, milk, sugar, eggs, butter, lemons and various different pots, pans and measuring spoons.

Pancake Day is always exciting and three children got engaged, eagerly exploring the contents in the tuff tray, playing and making their own pancakes.Krystabelle enjoyed filling and emptying the mixing bowl, with the flour and cracking all the eggs and Teddy enjoyed squeezing the squeezy lemon juice and squirting it everywhere. This is also good for fine motor skills as it can be quite hard for toddlers to do as it requires some strength.

Hugo just loved getting messy with all the flour and using a spatula to stir all the mixture around.

I also added a couple of Pancake themed books to the Tuff Tray for after we’d cleaned up. These included:


Mr Wolfs pancakes – Krystabelle loved that the Wolf was kind as most wolfs in story books are bad and she also loved the big twist at the end too.


Mama Panyas Pancakes: As krystabelle has been learning all about different countries at school this term, this book was perfect for her. It’s a lovely story about sharing, which also teaches children about the culture and how valuable food is in other parts of the world.

Are you looking forward to Pancake Day? What toppings will you be having on your pancakes?





  1. Aretha
    February 23, 2020 / 10:49 pm

    Don’t they eat it and it’s eggs?
    Or did you cook it first before eating

    • crazytots2018
      February 23, 2020 / 10:54 pm

      Hi Aretha, I’m guessing you’re in the US? Raw eggs in the UK are safe to eat as per our NHS guidelines on their website. Eggs in the US would be considered illegal here x

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