Storytime Saturday – The Smed and The Smoos

Storytime Saturday a weekly blog feature showcasing any new books we’ve been reading with Krystabelle and Teddy, reviewing picture books and talking about what we learnt and enjoyed about the book.

For our first week, we are going to be reviewing ‘The Smeds and the Smoos’ The Smeds and the Smoos is written by Julia Donaldson, who has written fantastic children’s books. We bought this book at the book fair at Krystabelle’s school at the beginning of the week.

The story is set on a faraway planet by a Loobular lake, inhabited by two sets of aliens, The Smeds (who are red) and The Smoos (who are blue), they are wanred by their grandparents never to play with eachother. Unfortunately, the two don’t mix.

There are lots and lots of subtle differences between these two types of aliens, how they look, where they sleep, what they eat and drink.

So when a young Smed goes wandering off, she meets a young Smoo and they fall in love. As their families find out, The young Smed and The young Smoo end up flying off on an adventure together, and despite being enemies, their families become friends in their quest to find them.

The Smeds and The Smoos is such a heart warming story, we have read it a few times this week and it really has gripped Krystabelle’s imagination. It provides a great lesson on the importance of making friends with people who might be different to you.

I asked krystabelle a few questions about the book and here are her answers.

1. What was your favourite part of the book?

When it mentions that the Smeds sleep in strange places because I think it’s funny that they call beds strange.

2. If you could give the book another title, what would it be?

Aliens live in Strange places.

3. Would you like to meet the characters?

YES! And I would say hello, and please be nice and would tell them that I love them.

4. What do you wish was different about the ending?

I wish that Bill and Janet would get married again so all their family could be there and I wish that the baby could have a birthday party.

5. Was there one big lesson you took away from this book?

YES! It doesn’t matter what colour you are, you can still play and be friends with whoever you want, and you can marry whoever you want to too.


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