Water Play Activities – Alphabet Soup Game

Teddy loves his ABC’s, and to help him with his letter recognition I set up an alphabet soup scooping game.

It’s a fun early literacy activity that also so simple to set up using household items. Easy to set up water play activities are usually a hit with all three of my little ones.

I filled a large plastic storage container 2/3 of the way full with water and added a bunch of all letters and numbers, big and small. I placed the plastic storage container on a tuff tray to avoid any water spillage.

I then placed two bowls on the tuff tray along with a spoon for scooping and some tweezers for Teddy to practice his pincer grasp.

Teddy went right to work, scooping and pouring the alphabets shouting out the letters for every letter he scooped and grabbed with the tweezers.

It was great to see that Teddy could identify all the letters, as he would shout out the letters I would shout out some objects that begin with that letter.

Teddy arranged the letters accordingly, the large letters he would pour into the big bowl, and the smaller letters into the small bowl.

There are many ways you could play this game with the little ones, you could ask them scoop a certain colour and place the colour into the correct bowl, or ask your little one to scoop out a certain letter.

Overall, Teddy loved this game and it’s definitely something we’ll do over and over again.

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