Fine Motor Skills ~ Practicing Scissor Skills with Lettuce

Who knew that cutting up lettuce could be so fun.

Both Krystabelle and Teddy spent a while playing and developing their fine motor skills with this simple activity.

The more I allow them to have access to scissors, the more comfortable they become on how to handle them and having their hair cut at the hairdressers or at the barbers as they don’t associate scissors with danger.

Teaching young children to cut with scissors encourages independent movement of each finger and provides them with opportunities to develop hand muscle strength which they’ll also need for drawing and writing.

I set up this simple activity using a tuff tray to avoid having to clean up so much mess from the floor, but you could always use a sheet underneath if you’re worried about mess.

I placed a lettuce onto the tuff tray and handful of scissors as they all had different cutting patterns to them to make it extra fun.

This really was a fun and inviting way for krystabelle and Teddy to practice their cutting skills by cutting something other than paper.

I was so proud of Krystabelle’s cutting skills but Teddy still has a lot of practicing to do ~ he’s only Two years old, and on average, children don’t master their scissor skills until around age 6.

Teddy still had great fun using both his hands as he couldn’t quite master the correct way to hold them and struggled leaving his fingers through the scissor loops.

Both Krystabelle and Teddy were fascinated by all the different patterns the scissors left in the lettuce strips. Krystabelle loved cutting it all up.

At the end, once the lettuce was all demolished, Krystabelle and Teddy had a race to see who could bag up the most and then we went to feed the ducks instead of letting the lettuce go to waste.

We did a little research first, and lettuce is perfectly safe for ducks to eat and they can also have an unlimited amount of it.


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