10 Powerful Ways To Be Social While Social Distancing


In many parts of the World, due to the coronavirus outbreak, schools have closed, events have been cancelled and now the pubs / restaurants have all been closed down, and as of midnight our National Trust parks have had to close too. We are in depth of social distancing.

One thing is certain, our daily lives change, people will want to be outdoors and will use open outdoor areas of parks and trails to keep healthy.

The evidence suggests that coronavirus affects older people and people with existing health conditions, such as lung and heart conditions, asthma and diabetes.

This is why the government encourage people with symptoms to avoid seeing older relatives or people with health conditions to avoid passing it on to them.

To avoid the spread of the coronavirus, the biggest advice out there at the moment is to socially distance ourselves from others and that’s exactly what we will be doing.


I’ve managed to pull together a list of ways to keep social whilst social distancing, I hope you’re able to take some inspiration and I would love to hear any ideas you may have as well.


1. Call, FaceTime or video chat people you usually text – We all have those contacts on our phone who we keep in touch with only through text or whatsapp messages. Now is the time to rekindle that relationship and start calling them instead, or even better facetime. Facetime also allows you to make group calls with up to 32 people (including yourself).


2. Take your board games digital – Playing board games is great for reducing stress   and makes for laughter, let your children play board games online with their family and friends. There are great options for playing some of the very best board games online for free. Most board games can be an enjoyable learning experience and are an amazing tool for shy children to help build up their self esteem.


3. Share an online movie night – Don’t miss out on the ability to watch movies together online because of distance. There are many apps that allow you to do this and they’re also great for long distance relationships, what’s better than laughing at the same thing, at the same time.


4. Have a webcam party – Turn your living room into a party room, move the furniture and put on your dancing shoes! That’s exactly what we’ll be doing later on today thanks to Clarity Mobile Disco!


5. Go live on Instagram – Go live on Instagram and let your followers know what is going on with your life. The interaction on Instagram Live is what pulls people in and interests them in learning more about you. Instagram will also give you more visibility because live stories are placed in front of regular stories.


6. Write a Letter to someone – Writing can help you organize your thoughts and ideas. You’ll make someone happy and the receiver of your letter will get a burst of excitement knowing that you care. Get your little ones to draw a picture that you can include in the letter.


7. Join a group on Facebook – Join a group on Facebook with like minded people. A group where you can learn something or if you can be of any expertise.


8. Set up an online book club – If you’re anything like me, you’re always telling yourself that you need to read more, well now’s your chance, and why not set up an online book club and exchange stories with friends.


9. Start a garden with your family – Gardening is a great way to bond and offers so many fun and interesting opportunities for children, and teaches them invaluable lessons. Gardening also engages all sorts of senses, they can feel all the textures of soil, seeds, flowers and petals.


10. Spend meaningful technology-free time with the people you live with – When was the last time you put your phone away and watched a movie with your significant other? Or turned your phone off and did some crafts with your children? Use this time to disconnect from technology and spend face to face time with the people around you.


I asked a group of bloggers how they were staying social and this is what they said:


Beth – Post letters/cards to friends! My kids have been busy doing cards for all relatives and put our address on for replies. Good old fashioned pen pals (if people can safely get to a post box that is)

Helen – We’re going to have a board games night via FaceTime with our best mates!

Becky – My son is playing chess with his grandpa each day online.

Michelle – I’ve set my son up with his own email address. He was so excited giving it out to friends and family yesterday and now wants to write to everyone!

Monika – We have a loose daily routine set up. In that is an hour to 2 hours of video calls with friends and family, things like playing Battleships over WhatsApp with cousins and sharing music with Opa and Oma (The Dutch grandparents in deep quarantine, as Opa has breathing difficulties.)

Kate – We gave our daughter a mobile phone today. She’s in Year 6 and was going to get one after Easter so she brought it forward so she can keep in touch with friends. She has been on WhatsApp video most of the afternoon. For me, so far I’ve had afternoon tea break by Zoom, we’re planning a Zoom ladies night including getting dressed up, a game night and pub quiz using Zoom, plus my kids are continuing with their dance classes using Zoom so they get to see friends there.

How are you planning on staying social while social distancing? I’d love to know.


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